Fábulas de Larchago

The essence of a wine expressed differently. Fábulas de Larchago is a limited edition of our main brand Larchago. These wines reflect a differentiated personality, enabling us to move closer to a fresher and more unique slant on a great Rioja. The new generations of the winery, with their ideas and new ways of seeing wine, want this edition to reflect the dynamism and ease of the new times. The sense of enjoyment of a wine should begin from the moment we hold the bottle in our hand until we drink a toast with it at a friend’s table.

Fábulas de Larchago

Tradition and elegance

Larchago in its maximum expression steeped in the originality of the Fábulas Edition.
The introduction to a great wine, from the charm of its labels without ever forgetting what a great Rioja means.

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