D.O.Ca Rioja - Larchago

Aromatic and envelopingly rich


Aromatic and envelopingly rich

100% Tempranillo

The grapes come from our own vineyards in Rioja Alavesa drylands. They are harvested in the second week of September when they reach their optimum ripeness This rosé is produced using the technique known as “bleeding”, as part of a classical, refined concept, in order to obtain an uncommonly delicate, smooth, fresh wine The wine remained in contact with its lees for three months.

Rioja Alavesa




3.200 vines/hectare

Limestone clay

450/550 mm

Attractive strawberry pink colour with violet tones of youth.

This wine stands out for its great aromatic richness from the characteristic varietal Tempranillo. Dominated by notes of strawberry and raspberry.

The palate is very involving with flavors of strawberry still long and persistent. Very nice pink drink with lots of flavour and vinosity.

Serve at 6 to 8ºC.